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Advanced Testing Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and support for those seeking professional, timely testing. We offer proven performance and security, with an experienced staff to help meet your testing requirements. Helping you avoid distractions and
get on with purposeful contract compliance is our goal. We offer a wide variety of testing
services including:
The MR20 offers 20 fixed-frequency outputs between 500KHz and 400MHz with three selectable attenuation levels. You choose the frequencies when ordering and we will configure the unit and ship it out.
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MRI Shields
EMI/Vibration Survey
Welded Steel
Copper Rooms
HEMP Shield
Free Space VSWR
Site Attenuation
Field Uniformity
NSA 65-6
NSA 73-2A
NSA 94-106
IEEE 299
IEC 61000-4-3
ANSI C63.4
Advanced Testing Services offers unique products designed for the RF testing industry. Our goal is to provide high quality products that offer convinient testing solutions at an affordable price.
400MHz RF Signal Generator
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Please contact us with all of your testing needs and let us provide you with a solution that will best fit your specific requirements.
Over the years our people have gained significant insight to the proper methods of testing and have set new standards for performance testing of RF Shielded test facilities and anechoic test chambers. ATSI has worked on numerous shielding projects worldwide and can test any facility regardless of size or location. We have tested countless RF shielded enclosures constructed of demountable panel systems such as those manufactured by Universal Shielding Corporation and Ray-proof Shielding Systems, and many large welded steel facilities. Although these systems are designed to meet the most stringent attenuation requirements specified by the US Government, there are always some minor problems which can only be identified during the testing process. We are consistent in finding these problems and offering the correct solutions for the customer.
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50-150MHz RF Shielding Effectiveness Test Kit
The MRK3 RF shielding effectiveness test kit is an extremely compact and easy to use system for measuring the integrity of RF shielded rooms. In adition to general RF testing, it incorporates MRI specific menus that allow virtualy anyone to quickly perform MRI shield tests and identify potential shielding issues before they impact the MRI system.
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