RF Shielded Chambers And Test Facilities


 Over the years our people have gained significant insight to the proper methods of testing and have set new standards for performance testing of RF Shielded test facilities and anechoic test chambers. ATSI has worked on numerous shielding projects worldwide and can test any facility regardless of size or location.  We have tested countless enclosures constructed of demountable panel systems such as those manufactured by Universal Shielding Corporation and Ray-proof Shielding Systems, and many large welded steel facilities. Although these systems are designed to meet the most stringent attenuation requirements specified by the US Government, there are always some minor problems, which can only be identified during the testing process.  We are consistent in finding these problems and offering the correct solutions for the customer.  Other inexperienced testing companies and/or personnel may not have the necessary expertise to identify such problems.  



 In addition to testing large government owned facilities, ATSI also provides RF testing services to the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) industry.  We have tested MRI facilities all across the nation and stand ready to respond within 24 hrs to any location in the continental United States. ATSI also provides troubleshooting services for clients experiencing a problem with their MRI images.  Most times the RF shield is suspect of leaking RF and causing imaging artifacts to the MRI.  ATSI can determine if the shield is the cause of the problem or if other RF/EM interference may be the culprit. 

EMI/EMC Testing


 ATSI has performed various EMI and EMC tests from MIL STD 461 field testing the V-22 Osprey Flight Simulator, a 35 million dollar unit, to conducting EM Interference studies on mobile and stationary MRI units.  We have also provided troubleshooting efforts to EMC test chambers that are experiencing outside interference. We have located and corrected these problems for both commercial and government clients.  ATSI has also conducted numerous certifications of test chambers for ANSI C63.4 Site Attenuation and IEC 61000-4-3 Field Uniformity Measurements.  The chambers ranged from pre-compliance chambers, FCC and Canadian listed chambers, toAnechoic chambers used for government test facilities.  These chambers ranged in size from small 12’L x 20’W x 12’H high control rooms and test chambers to the extraordinary EMC test facility for testing military aircraft, that is 180’L x 180’W x 80’H.  

High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Testing


 ATSI staff members have provided RF shielding effectiveness testing for HEMP facilities since 1993.  The RF Shielding effectiveness radiated testing and SELDS testing associated with large steel RF shielded HEMP facilities encourages innovative methods for testing these large facilities. ATSI’s innovative staff has always been able to come up with unique solutions to difficult testing problems on these extremely large HEMP and EMI facilities.  ATSI has been the quality control and certifying agency on HEMP/EMI projects nationwide, includingHawaii and Alaska. 

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF)


 ATSI staff members have provided services to U.S. government facilities and Defense contractors in the design, installation, and modification of SCIF rooms to the Director of Central Intelligence Directive (DCID 1/21) physical security standards.  ATSI has also provide testing and certification of these facilities for both RF and acoustic requirements.